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Main Areas

  1. Water planning and sustainability
  2. Water sources and water budgets
  3. Efficient irrigation
  4. Organisation capacity and professional development
  5. Technical advice


Details of Services

Water planning for sustainability

1. Water planning for sustainability

  • Water Management Planning – Parks, gardens, sports turf,
    landscapes, urban trees and nurseries
  • Water strategies for sustainable landscapes
  • Drought management strategies
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to solutions
  • Sustainability indicators for irrigated sites
  • Industry water studies
  • Benchmarking standards for irrigated sites



Water Sources and Water Budgets

2. Water sources and water budgets

  • Water source selection
  • Alternative water source assessment
  • Recycled water for horticulture applications
  • Water quality considerations
  • Water budgets for urban green space
  • Crop water demand for horticultural enterprises
  • Best Management Practices for Non-potable water supplies



Efficient irrigation3. Efficient irrigation

  • Site plant, soil and climate analysis
  • Evaluation of irrigated turf and landscape sites
  • Auditing of irrigation systems (Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA))
  • Assessment of current irrigation technologies and practices
  • Achieving high water use efficiency
  • Prioritising and costing of irrigation upgrade and redesign options
  • Irrigation system specifications
  • Preparation of irrigation design briefs
  • Design and tender evaluation
  • Maintenance programs to achieve efficiency



Building capacity and professional development4. Building capacity and professional development

  • Training programs and water management skills development
  • Development of course content and curriculum to meet program objectives
  • Workshop, seminar and conference facilitation
  • Communication strategies including print and internet
  • Presentations for water and local government authorities, private companies, schools and specialist groups



5. Technical adviceTechnical advice

  • Sprinkler, traveling irrigator, micro-irrigation
    and subsurface drip performance
  • Technology – Irrigation control and monitoring
  • Expert advice for legal cases – rural and urban
  • Assessment of water management and
    irrigation technologies
  • Irrigation technology evaluation and adoption
  • Research initiation, trials and management
  • Development of innovative water solutions



Professional services

The following organisations provided with professional services:
City of Melbourne, Parks and Recreation
Department of Veteran Affairs, Office of War Graves, Canberra
Government House, Department of Premier, Victoria
Dept. of Environment, Queensland Government
Parks Victoria, Albert Park
Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association (AGCSA)
Irrigation Australia Ltd
Micromet Pty Ltd.
Phillips Agribusiness, Geelong
GBA Landscape Architects
City of Greater Geelong, Skilled Stadium
Wellington Shire Council
Rain Bird Australia
Regal Blooms Nursery, Werribee
Bullen Nursery, Timboon
Royal Melbourne Golf Club
Pacific Coast Design
Royal Botanic Gardens, South Yarra
Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne
University of Melbourne, Property and Services, Parkville Campus
Waite Arboretum, Adelaide, SA
City of Port Phillip
City of Moreland
Victorian Golf Association (VGA)
Yarra Valley Water
South East Water
City West Water
SAWater, Adelaide, SA